Embroidered luxury monotone skirt

Color: White

Item Description


This luxury skirt uses plenty of high-quality jacquard material.
The tight material with a sense of transparency is embroidered in black with an elegant flower pattern.
The inside of the skirt hemline is lined with black grosgrain tape which gives it an even more beautiful silhouette to the skirt.
The wide waist belt and the flared silhouette with tension is perfect for classic and elegant adult attire.
The back of the waist is elasticated and it has an antique style fastener in the center.

Gender Ladies
Fabric [Surface]Polyester50%, Rayon21%, Nylon19%, Cotton10%
Laundry Dry cleaning
Country of origin China
Item number j20aw-sk19
  • Design and color may differ slightly from the photos.
  • Because of its three-dimensional cutting, size notation is slightly different.
  • Dry cleaning is recommended when washing. Because of its delicate material, please wash it gently by hand when washing at home.
    If you need to use the washing machine, please put it in a laundry net so as not to get tangled with other laundry, and wash it alone in the hand washing course. Further, please avoid drying as there is a risk of shrinking. Dewatering it very lightly, and when drying, place it on a flat surface and dry it in the shade.
  • The back-waist part is made of rubber and is elastic. Please check +1 centimeters as a guide.
  • This cloth is made of easy-to-see-through material (lined)
  • There is pockets on the side.

Reference dimension

  • Model: A
    Height: 5'1(156cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: B
    Height: 5'6(169cm)
    Size: M

  • Model: C
    Height: 5'7(170cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: D
    Height: 5'2(160cm)
    Size: M

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