Full lace tight dress

Color: Black

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Item Description

This is a luxurious full lace dress.
The lace, characterized by its beautiful cutting, is thicker than ordinary soft lace, and the unevenness of the fabric gives it an exquisite luster.
At first glance, it may look tight, but the hip and waist lines have a good amount of room, making it hard to pick up the shape of your body, which is another great point.
The lining has been made a little shorter so that you can enjoy the beautiful cutting of the lace, and the design has been calculated so that it does not look too heavy due to its loose feel.
The lace cutting lines are carefully aligned at the hem so that the garment looks beautiful from all angles when worn.
The seams are neatly piped with satin fabric.
The texture of the lace is not too classical, making this dress perfect not only for occasional use but also for everyday use.

Fabric [Surface] 100% Polyester
[Lining] 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
Laundry Dry cleaning / Handwash
Country of origin China
Item number o22ss-op43
  • Design and color may differ slightly from the photos.
  • Because of its three-dimensional cutting, size notation is slightly different.
  • White has a slight transparency, so we recommend a beige inner layer.
  • Because the lace is knitted very delicately, there may be some fraying at the embroidered part.
  • Due to the design, the lace patterns are not matched at the side seams.

Reference dimension

  • Model: A
    Height: 5'1(156cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: B
    Height: 5'6(169cm)
    Size: M

  • Model: C
    Height: 5'7(170cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: D
    Height: 5'2(160cm)
    Size: M

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